We are manufacturer of fish-farming equipment. Our speciality are our fish-grading machines which play an important role worldwide. But we also produce and sell other items for successful fish farmers.


Fish grader

We manufacture fish-grader for live fish up to 5 kilos. We have a solution for almost every species.


Fish counter

You want to know how many fish of each size you have?


Fish pump

Moving fish made easy.


Transport container

We make the transport of fish on your fish farm a pleasure.

NEWS - Fish grader "Quick und Dirty" most inexpensive on the world market. But as precise as all our fish grader.

It has only two sorting sizes, one band speed and a manual adjustment of the sorting belt. But setup takes only a few minutes. Precision is the same as with big graders. But the price is only a fraction.

This grader is ideal for small farms or fish farmers who just want to select some fish quickly for smoking or sales. It can be driven like a wheel barrow and runs on 230 Volt. (110 Volt on request).

Quick & Dirty “single”, 1 belt , 1 glider, up to 500 g fish weight.

Quick & Dirty “double”, 2 belts, up to 500 g fish weight.

Quick& Dirty “pro”, 2 belts, 500 mm longer, up to 1500 g fishweight.

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About us

Long tradition

We are the technology successor to Fischtechnik Fredelsloh. Its founder Dr. Dipl. Ing. agr. Gerhard (James) Müller † and master fish farmer Helmut Müller † are still known to many. We can therefore look back on a manufacturing tradition spanning over 40 years. Our fish sorting machines in particular have now been sold over 2,000 times in more than 70 countries worldwide.

Many of the old machines are still running today and of course we still supply all customers with the spare parts they require. But we have not stood still technologically and are of course constantly adapting production and properties to the new circumstances.

Constant innovation

The way the fish breeders’ business has changed, we are also always looking for improvements and new products. With our new development of the “Quick & Dirty” sorting machine, we landed a direct hit. Customers are very satisfied and we are proud to have developed the cheapest full sorting machine in the world. As with the large machines, the grader uses our formerly patented band system with unmatched highest sorting accuracy.

But many of our other products are also popular and make work for fish farmers easier. 

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