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Welcome to Fischtechnik

Fischzucht Fredelsloh Since the establishment of the trout breeding unit in 1969 in Fredelsloh-Germany, Fischtechnik is your partner. Besides the fabrication of products for fisheries we startet quickly with the construction of netcages. Not only in Northeim-Germany seescape they can be found, but also in Scottland, Iraq and many other countries. Right after the netcages we developed our extremly durable fish garding machines with the patented beltsystem. So far we have exported them in over 70 countries and until now they sell like hot cake. Starting in 1989 we offered Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS).  We design, construct und deliver those in countries all over the world. No matter if trout, eel, sturgeon, pike, pike perch or any other fish species – our experts have the right solution. Since 40 years we operate our own metal workshop, which fabricates products to the highest quality standards for fisheries and aquaculture. But even outside our sector companies and municipalities have become aware of us.  If you have an inquiry for prototypes, repairs, custom made products or volume production – please do not hesitate to contact us.